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Central Park's Great Lawn reopening after repairs
The Great Lawn closed early in 2023 after it was damaged by storms and crowds from the annual Global...
CBS New York 1h
First Alert Weather: Saturday morning update - 4/6/24
John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest First Alert Forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.
CBS New York 2h
Partly sunny day with high temperatures in the 50s
Expect a partly sunny day with a slight chance of showers in the tri-state region
PIX11 News 2h
Community Food Bank of New Jersey packs 161,693 meals in 24 hours!
The Community Food Bank of New Jersey's 24-hour Pack-a-Thon raised over $80,000 this year to help New...
CBS New York 3h
Little League Opening Day Parade steps off in Manhattan
- Baseball season is underway in New York and some little batters are also kicking off their season
PIX11 News 4h
Seismologists expect more aftershocks in New York City area
One of the largest earthquakes on the East Coast in 100 years shook the Tri-State Area and most of the...
CBS New York 4h
Earthquake, aftershocks shake New York, New Jersey: 4/5 11 p.m. update
Friday's 4.8 magnitude earthquake made history in the Tri-State Area; it was the strongest in the state...
CBS New York 14h
First Alert Forecast: CBS2 4/5/24 Nightly Weather
CBS New York's Lonnie Quinn has your First Alert Forecast for April 5 at 11 p.m.
CBS New York 14h
Earthquake makes Yankees' batting practice interesting
Friday's earthquake made batting practice interesting for the New York Yankees ahead of their home opener....
CBS New York 14h
4.8 earthquake, aftershocks rattle New Jersey residents
Friday's 4.8 magnitude earthquake and a series of aftershocks rattled New Jersey residents in an area...
CBS New York 14h
New Yorkers react to 4.8 magnitude earthquake
Even though Friday's earthquake happened in New Jersey, you could feel it in New York City for sure....
CBS New York 14h
Newark families who were evacuated due to earthquake damage allowed back home
There's relief for some Newark families who had been forced to evacuate because of Friday's earthquake...
CBS New York 14h
Eye On Health: April 5, 2024
A nationwide study hopes to prevent a rare heart condition in pregnant women; why autism in young girls...
CBS New York 14h
Earthquake shakes NYC area
Buildings and homes shook Friday morning after a 4.8-magnitude earthquake hit the New York City area.
PIX11 News 15h
'It was just scary for me': New Jersey residents on edge after 4.8-magnitude earthquake
According to the United States Geological Survey, since the original earthquake of this morning, many...
PIX11 News 15h
Flashback: 5.8 magnitude earthquake shakes NYC, East Coast in August 2011
On Aug. 23, 2011, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook New York City and the East Coast. Here's a look back...
CBS New York 15h
Earthquake hits hours before Yankees home opener
The New York Yankees played their home opener in the Bronx on Friday. Crowds had gathered outside Yankee...
PIX11 News 16h
Bronx man sentenced in killing of teen basketball star
A man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Brandon Hendricks, a 17-year-old high school basketball...
PIX11 News 16h
First Alert Forecast: CBS2 4/5/24 Evening Weather
CBS New York's Lonnie Quinn has your First Alert Forecast for April 5 at 8 p.m.
CBS New York 16h
NYC to pay $17.5M to settle hijab lawsuit
New York City will pay $17.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by Muslim women who were...
CBS New York 16h
Newark residents forced out of homes after Friday's earthquake
In Newark, more than two dozen people are out of their homes because of Friday's earthquake. Authorities...
CBS New York 16h
Earthquake, aftershocks shake New York, New Jersey: 4/5 8 p.m. update
An earthquake shook the Northeast on Friday, along with aftershocks throughout the day. We have live...
CBS New York 16h
NY teacher was doing lesson on earthquakes when quake hit
A Long Island teacher was teaching a lesson on earthquakes when Friday's 4.8-magnitude earthquake struck.
PIX11 News 17h
Moose on the Loose: The New York Islanders
Let's give a little bit of love to the New York Islanders. 
PIX11 News 17h
Bronx students demonstrate what will happen during Monday's eclipse
Students at M.S.-H.S. 327 School in the Bronx are learning about what will happen during the solar eclipse...
CBS New York 17h
MTA Head Janno Lieber addresses N.J. congestion pricing concerns
MTA Head Janno Lieber spoke to CBS New York's Marcia Kramer about good news for New Jersey officials...
CBS New York 17h
Connecticut emergency service officials respond to earthquake
Emergency service officials in Connecticut spoke Friday about how the state is responding to the earthquake.
CBS New York 17h
Earthquake causes road cracks in Union, New Jersey
Friday's earthquake caused cracks on a road in Union, New Jersey.
CBS New York 17h
Earthquake sparks interest in science at Brooklyn school
Students at a school in Red Hook, Brooklyn are excited to learn more about earthquakes after experiencing...
CBS New York 17h
Brooklyn businesses undamaged from earthquake
Brooklyn businesses dodged a bullet on Friday as a 4.8-magnitude earthquake rattled the borough, leaving...
PIX11 News 17h
4.0 magnitude aftershock rocks Gladstone, New Jersey
A 4.0 magnitude aftershock rocked Gladstone, New Jersey, around 6 p.m. Friday. CBS New York's Christine...
CBS New York 17h
Are NYC buildings at risk after Friday's earthquake?
Even before Friday's earthquake, many families were concerned about New York City's aging structures,...
CBS New York 17h
Feds investigating upgrades NYC mayor received on flights to Turkey
The FBI and federal prosecutors are reportedly scrutinizing flight upgrades Mayor Eric Adams received...
CBS New York 17h
25 adults, 3 children displaced after earthquake damages Newark homes
Homes were in Newark were damaged by Friday's earthquake, displacing 25 adults and three children. CBS...
CBS New York 17h
Clouds expected for New York's solar eclipse
Monday continues to look promising for the solar eclipse in the afternoon. Some high clouds will start...
PIX11 News 18h
Chandelier at NYC cafe broke during earthquake
One of the chandeliers at the Pershing Square cafe near Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal crashed to...
PIX11 News 18h
NYPD harbor patrol checking bridges, after 4.8-magnitude earthquake
When the earthquake struck New York City at 10:23 this morning, it was all hands on deck for the NYPD. 
PIX11 News 18h
Eclipse chaser explains the thrill of witnessing a total solar eclipse
A total eclipse has been called the greatest show on Earth, a spectacle not to be missed, and there are...
CBS New York 18h
Bronx man sentenced to 25 years for killing teen basketball star
Eve Hendricks did not hold back when she addressed Najhim Luke, who killed her 17-year-old son Brandon...
CBS New York 18h
NYC infrastructure, transit systems inspected following earthquake
Moments after Friday's earthquake​, New York state and city structural engineers fanned out to inspect...
CBS New York 18h
Crews assessing damage at epicenter of Northeast earthquake
The U.S. Geological Survey traced the earthquake to Readington, New Jersey. There were at least three...
CBS New York 19h
Earthquake doesn't phase some New York City residents
People throughout New York City could feel the shake and rumble of the ground when an earthquake happened...
CBS New York 19h
NYC officials outline earthquake response
Mayor Eric Adams gathered the city's top officials to coordinate the response to Friday's 4.8 magnitude...
CBS New York 19h
New York City suburbs shaken by earthquake
The power of Friday's earthquake traveled far and wide, including to New York City's suburbs to the north...
CBS New York 19h
NYC, N.J. rattled by earthquake - 4/5 5 p.m. update
CBS New York has team coverage after a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck New Jersey and rattled the Northeast.
CBS New York 19h
5 recent earthquakes that shook New York City, according to USGS
While New York City is a low-risk area for earthquakes, a few have hit the five boroughs in the last...
PIX11 News 20h
Total solar eclipse to be visible in NY
A total solar eclipse will be visible in New York State on Monday for the first time in 99 years.
PIX11 News 20h
4.8-magnitude New Jersey earthquake rattles public transportation
The earthquake didn't just cause buildings to shake, it also caused disruptions to the transit service...
PIX11 News 20h
Earthquake damages New Jersey homes
Several homes in Newark were compromised because the foundations may have shifted in the earthquake....
CBS New York 20h
Randolph water main break likely caused by earthquake, officials say
Friday's earthquake​ is being blamed for a water main break in Randolph that sent water gushing into...
CBS New York 20h
Impractical Jokers preview the newest season
Your favorite comedians and lifelong friends are back in town. James Murray and Brian Quinn join New...
PIX11 News 20h
Actress Brittany Snow on new film 'Parachute'
You may know her as one of "The Bellas" from "Pitch Perfect," but now she is getting ready to debut her...
PIX11 News 20h
Ryan Vasquez chats 'The Notebook' on Broadway
Ryan Vasquez stopped by New York Living to chat about his lead role as Noah in "The Notebook" on Broadway...
PIX11 News 20h
Positive talk with Ernie Anastos: College
Is college worth it? Dive into the debate with Ernie Anastos.
PIX11 News 20h
New Yorkers react to 4.8-magnitude earthquake
A 4.8-magnitude earthquake that shook the New York City area Friday morning was felt by millions of people...
PIX11 News 20h
NYC students and parents share their earthquake experiences
Elementary school students and parents shared their reactions when the 4.8-magnitude earthquake struck...
PIX11 News 20h
Earthquake displaces ten families in Newark
PIX11's Jay Dow provides an update from Newark, New Jersey, the largest city that is closest to the epicenter...
PIX11 News 20h
Earthquake hits N.J., NYC - 4 p.m. update
A 4.8 magnitude hit New Jersey, and was felt in New York City and across the entire Northeast region....
CBS New York 20h
New Jersey student details moment when she felt earthquake: "I freaked out"
A 4.7 magnitude earthquake centered in New Jersey was felt across the Northeast U.S. Friday. Jill, a...
CBS New York 20h
Historic mill in Hunterdon County sustains damage from earthquake
The historic Colonel John Taylor's Grist Mill sustained damage from the 4.8-magnitude earthquake on Friday.
PIX11 News 21h
New Jersey buildings being inspected for earthquake damage
Two buildings in Newark, New Jersey, that appear to be touching are being inspected after a 4.8 magnitude...
CBS New York 21h
How serious was the New York City earthquake? Experts react
A rare 4.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the Northeast U.S. on Friday caught residents off guard....
CBS New York 22h
How the earthquake impacted New York City, New Jersey airports, transportation hubs
Friday's 4.8 magnitude earthquake led to ground stops at some airports in New York City and New Jersey...
CBS New York 22h
New Jersey construction worker recalls ground shaking when earthquake hit
A construction worker in New Brunswick, New Jersey, recalled the ground shaking when a strong earthquake...
CBS New York 23h
What to expect in the final season of "S.W.A.T."
"S.W.A.T." is in its final season on CBS. Actors Kenny Johnson and Angelica Scarlett Johnson join CBS...
CBS New York 23h
4.8 magnitude earthquake hits New York City, New Jersey and surrounding area
A 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck New Jersey, New York City and the surrounding area on Monday. The strong...
CBS New York 23h

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