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Suspect Arrested In Shooting Of 5-Year-Old In Brooklyn posted at 18:54:25 UTC | Video: Fleeing driver drags NYPD lieutenant in Brooklyn, police say - Eyewitness News

Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on  Inoreader Brooklyn Paper: Brooklyn Paper: April 30, 2021 posted at 18:39:00 UTC by  Leah Mitch   via   1. New York and Brooklyn from Michael_Novakhov (121 sites) Click here.  Brooklyn Paper PoliticsNY and Schneps Media hosting debates for NYC political races posted at 18:40:21 UTC by  Stephen Witt   via   Brooklyn Paper Hyper-local politics matter and Schneps Media is putting their foot to the pedal with a series of debates in every city council district as well as for each borough president, the Manhattan District Attorney, and the mayor’s and comptroller’s race. The debates, which start May 3 and run throughout the month, will be hosted as Zoom webinars by Schneps Media’s daily amNY Metro and the largest group of hyper-local news outlets covering every neighborhood in the city. “These debates, among other things, will focus on each candidates’ vision for the recovery of the city on both the citywide and local neighborhood level,” said Schn

How and where to bird watch in Brooklyn

  Sites from Michael Novakhov on  Inoreader The Brooklyn Bridge: Brooklyn Paper: Flyover county: How and where to bird watch in Brooklyn posted at 16:30:08 UTC by  waafpvwt   via   Sites from Michael_Novakhov (51 sites) Bird watching has  soared in popularity  during the pandemic, with pent up Brooklynites taking up the hobby en masse as a safe way to get outdoors while social distancing — leading many to discover a passion for the rich feathered wildlife around them, according to a seasoned borough birder. “There’s this impetus to see what’s there and what haven’t I seen all along,” Dennis Hrehowsik, president of the century-old  Brooklyn Bird Club , told Brooklyn Paper. “You’re looking at all this stuff that was there this whole time under your nose and you didn’t realize it.” The, which does work to  advance the hobby , has seen its membership roughly doubled during the past year to almost 400 birders, according to Hrehowsik. For those interested in taking up the avian pastime, ther