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3:28 AM 12/9/2021 - The Brookyn Times Posts Review | Russia Should Join NATO: It will be good for them, both Russia and NATO, for Europe, the US, and the World. Operation CROSSED SWORDS: INCORPORATION OF RUSSIA INTO NATO: CONCEPT, STRATEGIES, TIMETABLES, STRUCTURES ...

Pres. Biden spoke to reporters Wednesday about his call with Russia’s Vladimir Putin: “I made it very clear: If in fact, he invades Ukraine, there will be severe consequences.” The president also said sending U.S. military on the ground in Ukraine is currently “not on the table.” — CBS News (@CBSNews) December 8, 2021 The Brookyn Times   from Michael Novakhov on   Inoreader 3:28 AM 12/9/2021 - Post Link The historical period of the STASI DUO: Merkel-Putin rule (2000-Present), carefully constructed by the New Abwehr (Gehlen Org=BND+STASI+KGB) is coming to its natural end, according to the assigned expiration label. It looks like Putin will be replaced by the Shoigu-Lavrov tandem initially, and then by Shoigu alone. Get ready.  germany – Google Search… posted on Dec 08 2021 21:52:36 UTC by  wamllfwc   via   The Brookyn Times – germany – Google Search… The po