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7:06 PM 8/24/2021 - “KavKaz Nation gangsters are absolutely violent and dangerous. But most of them are minor-leaguers compared to the more sophisticated Eastern European organized criminals linked to Thieves-in-Law,” said Matt Jacobs, a former assistant US attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

7:06 PM 8/24/2021 - Post Link How these Eastern European ‘minor leaguers’ wreaked havoc on Brooklyn’s criminal underworld By  Ben Feuerherd August 16, 2021   5:36pm     Updated David Mordukhaev shimmied down a rope from his fifth-floor cell at the Vernon C. Bain Correction Center. David Dee Delgado/Getty Images MORE ON: RUSSIAN MOB Gangster who busted out of Rikers barge sentenced for daring escape Russian mobster convicted in Brooklyn slay helped feds win fraud conviction: docs Feds say Russian rapper laundered money, flaunted wealth online Doctor accused of gunning down neighbors blames Russian mob A ragtag crew of Eastern European criminals in Brooklyn recently managed to do something they haven’t in years — grab the spotlight from more “sophisticated” gangs, thanks to a  daring jail break  from Rikers Island, law-enforcement experts say. The “minor-leaguers,” known as the “KavKaz Nation,” have wreaked havoc in the criminal underworld in southern Brooklyn for nearly a decade by stea

Brooklyn News Review - 9:45 AM 8/24/2021

Brooklyn News Review -  9:45 AM 8/24/2021   Brooklyn News Review  |  In Brief  |  Page   Brooklyn News Brooklyn News Review 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites): Российская Газета: Умер режиссер Вячеслав Гулуев August 24, 2021 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites): ПРАЙМ: С новых пенсионных выплат не смогут взыскать долги и судебные издержки August 24, 2021 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites): Свободная Пресса: Бастрыкин затребовал доклад о случаях исчезновения детей в Тюмени August 24, 2021 All Current News Articles Khatabook’s $100M bonanza; offices set for Covid makeover - Economic Times August 24, 2021 Body blows that Oklahoma, Texas delivered the Big 12 will have profound impact on coaching carousel August 24, 2021 Tensions flare in Capitol as moderate Democrats hold up Biden budget plan August 24, 2021 Selected Articles Americans Are Losing Trust in Biden Admin over Afghanistan, Spending, Inflation | Genevieve Wood August 23, 2021 What the T