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Nathan’s 2023 Hot Dog Eating Contest back on after weather delay. Faster Horses music festival begins in Brooklyn. Russia drags UK and US into Crimean bridge row with astonishing claim

  Nathan’s 2023 Hot Dog Eating Contest back on after weather delay posted at 05:32:04 UTC   via The hot dog race is back on. The much anticipated annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for the men’s division will resume Tuesday afternoon after a brief delay due to lightning storms hanging over Brooklyn. ESPN, which is hosting the event, announced it would kick off again at 2 p.m. Hundreds had gathered at Coney Island in front of the iconic Nathan’s flagship restaurant to  cheer for Joey Chestnut  to claim his 16th victory at the event before the delay. But following the women’s match this morning, where  Miki Sudo secured her ninth win  with 39 hot dogs, rain and lightning strikes appeared to put an end to the Fourth of July tradition. Contest officials initially told the crowds the competition was being nixed. “I’m very disappointed to tell you that after speaking to the NYPD, we have to dismiss the crowd and the competition is not going to happen. It’s too much of a ligh

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