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The Brookyn Times Posts Review - 5:09 AM 12/5/2021: Police apprehend parents of suspect in Michigan high school shooting. M.N.: First of all, we have to invesigate this episode of school shooting very carefully, and not demonize anyone before we know all the facts and understand fully what happened. It is in the interests of Crumbley family to cooperate with the investigation. This case may shed some light on the previous cases, and prevent the future ones. The shooter is alive and can give some clues.

The Brookyn Times  -  5:09 AM 12/5/2021 from Michael Novakhov on  Inoreader Belarus estimates losses from EU sanctions posted on Dec 04 2021 19:44:51 UTC by  wamllfwc   via   The Brookyn Times – Cool: EU sanctions against Belarus will affect exports for $ 250-300 million a year  European Union (EU) sanctions against Belarus will affect Belarusian exports energy and petrochemical products for 250-300 million dollars a year. This was stated by the deputy head of the presidential administration of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy on the air of the Belarus 1 television channel, RIA Novosti reports. a more creative delivery matrix to Europe. At the same time, he noted that no drop is planned for goods and services that will not be affected by restrictions. Now, the provision with export supplies for 2022 is about 50 percent, the deputy head of the presidential administration stressed. At the same time, according to experts, for export groups under sanctions, according to experts, this i