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Biden calls Netanyahu's handling of Israel-Hamas war a "mistake"
President Joe Biden has sharpened his criticism of Israel, as hostage negotiations hit a snag. CBS New...
CBS New York 24m
Former Trump Org CFO sentenced for lying under oath
Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty to perjury last month and has been sentenced to spend five months behind...
CBS New York 24m
First Alert Weather: Stray rain showers before more organized system
CBS New York's John Elliott has the latest weather forecast.
CBS New York 54m
Gunman sentenced to 30 years in deadly shooting of Aamir Griffin
The 14-year-old was gunned down in 2019 while practicing basketball on a court in Queens. CBS New York's...
CBS New York 1h
NJ TRANSIT board approves 1st fare hike in nearly a decade
Riders will face a 15 percent fare hike, as the transit agency tries to make up a $119 million budget...
CBS New York 1h
Easy and effective yoga workouts
Peloton instructor Mariana Fernadez joins New York Living to share some effective yoga workouts and explain...
PIX11 News 1h
The Chippendales on celebrating 45th anniversary
Chippendale members Shyllon, Chase, Wilson, and Freddy join New York Living to discuss the upcoming shows,...
PIX11 News 1h
Easy to make sheet-pan meals
Washington Post Food Editor Olga Massov and novelist Sanaë Lemoine join New York Living to discuss their...
PIX11 News 1h
Paul Mecurio on his new stand-up tour
Emmy-winning comedian Paul Mecurio joins PIX11 to discuss his stand-up tour "Permission to Speak" and...
PIX11 News 1h
An inside look at 'The Long Game'
Actor and icon Cheech Marin joins PIX11 to discuss his new film "The Long Game."
PIX11 News 1h
Inside look at new show "Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker"
Professional matchmaker Patti Stanger joins PIX11 to dish on her new series "Patti Stanger: The Matchmaker."
PIX11 News 1h
A Preview of Code Ninjas summer camp
Code Ninjas is a company focused on engaging young children to become interested in coding and other...
PIX11 News 2h
Jason A. Rodriguez on HIV prevention
Choreographer and movement coach Jason A. Rodriguez joins PIX11 to discuss his experience working on...
PIX11 News 2h
Rally to support NYC affordable housing
Affordable housing in New York is getting closer to becoming a reality as a new deal could pave the way...
PIX11 News 2h
How to improve your resume
Robynn Storey, CEO of Storeyline Resumes, joins PIX11 to discuss how to navigate the current competitive...
PIX11 News 2h
Watch: Billy Joel the 100th live at Madison Square Garden
CBS will show Billy Joel's first concert to air on a broadcast network this Sunday at 9 p.m.
CBS New York 3h
March inflation report shows prices on rise again
CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger breaks down the latest numbers.
CBS New York 3h
Curfew for teens in Newark set to begin on Friday
City officials announced that Newark will begin an overnight curfew for minors starting Friday
PIX11 News 4h
How to be a supportive sports parent
From Sideline Shouter to Supportive Sidekick: how to motivate without criticizing, celebrate wins without...
PIX11 News 4h
Mom indicted over death of 5-year-old Bronx twins, police say
Police said an arrest warrant has been issued for the mother of 5-year-old twins who died Dec. 18 in...
PIX11 News 4h
Menendez's wife asks to delay trial for surgery
The New Jersey senator and his wife are accused of accepting cash and gold bars in exchange for political...
CBS New York 4h
How does NYPD handle squatting cases in NYC?
We speak with CBS News law enforcement contributor and former NYPD Deputy Commissioner Richard Esposito...
CBS New York 4h
Website helps independent bookstores compete online
The CBS New York Book Club is celebrating indie bookstores with the help of
CBS New York 4h
What to know with Tax Day approaching: 4 ways to save
What are some common mistakes people make when filing their taxes themselves, and how can you lower your...
CBS New York 4h
Signs your eyes may have damage after solar eclipse
Looking at the sun – during an eclipse or any other time – without certified viewing glasses can cause...
PIX11 News 5h
What would happen if Adams lost control of NYC schools? DOE report examines possibility
A nearly 300-page report examining Mayor Eric Adams' control of city schools was released by the state...
PIX11 News 5h
'Virtually impossible' to hide data from Apple: experts
Experts are warning Apple customers that it is "virtually impossible" to hide their data
PIX11 News 5h
Lunchables contain concerning levels of lead: report
The popular kids snack Lunchables contains relatively high levels of lead and sodium, a consumer watchdog...
PIX11 News 5h
NJ Transit board to vote on 15% fare hike
An NJ Transit board is set to vote on a 15% fare hike on Wednesday.
PIX11 News 5h
Mostly cloudy skies, chance of showers in NY, NJ
High pressure will move offshore as a weak front will work its way into the area from the west.
PIX11 News 6h
N.Y. reaches $1.25 agreement with men accused of intimidating voters
Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman were found liable for targeting Black voters with threatening robocalls and...
CBS New York 6h
Man accused of robbing women at ATMs
Police say he assaulted and robbed two women last month near Penn Station in Manhattan.
CBS New York 6h
Sentencing day for Aamir Griffin's killers
The 14-year-old was shot and killed while playing basketball in 2019 in Jamaica, Queens.
CBS New York 6h
N.Y. lawmakers set to introduce bill against squatters
The bill would define squatters as intruders under state law, instead of tenants who are guaranteed protections.
CBS New York 7h
Pair accused of robbing, assaulting teen in subway
Police are searching for two men they say attacked a 17-year-old in the subway system.
CBS New York 7h
'He's all in my face': Man attacked on Bronx bus with screwdriver speaks out
Police are on the hunt for a man accused of stabbing another man with a screwdriver on a Bronx bus Monday...
PIX11 News 7h
First Alert Weather: Showers for the next few days
CBS New York's John Elliott has the latest weather forecast.
CBS New York 7h
Allen Weisselberg, longtime Trump exec. set to be sentenced
Weisselberg pleaded guilty last month to two counts of perjury and is expected to face five months in...
CBS New York 7h
NJ TRANSIT board to vote on first fare increase in nearly 10 years
Riders could face a 15 percent fare increase, as the transit agency tries to make up a $119 million budget...
CBS New York 7h
First Alert Forecast: CBS2 4/9/24 Nightly Weather
CBS New York's Tony Sadiku has your First Alert Forecast for April 9 at 11 p.m.
CBS New York 13h
New Jersey couple's baby girl born during 2024 eclipse
Eclipse Day was extra special for one New Jersey couple. Their baby girl was born Monday as the moon...
CBS New York 13h
Bird flu detected in some birds in NYC, health officials say
Health officials say bird flu has been detected in some birds in New York City parks and green spaces.
CBS New York 13h
NYC disputes claims migrant shelters aren't serving halal food during Ramadan
Some migrants say as Ramadan comes to a close, they're not getting the proper food at New York City shelters,...
CBS New York 13h
Republican Jack Ciattarelli officially kicks off campaign for N.J. governor
Jack Ciattarelli has announced he is running for governor of New Jersey for a third time.
CBS New York 14h
Police seek missing 9-year-old boy from Harlem
Police are searching for a missing child in Harlem. They say 9-year-old Mateo Soria was last seen around...
CBS New York 14h
Newark will enforce curfew for children under 18 starting Friday
Newark has announced a crackdown on kids hanging out late at night, and starting Friday, police will...
CBS New York 14h
NJ Transit set to vote on proposed 15% fare hike
New Jersey Transit is set to vote Wednesday on its first fare hike in nearly a decade.
CBS New York 14h
11-year-old boy recovering from gunshot wound after shooting in Brooklyn
An 11-year-old boy in Brooklyn is recovering from a gunshot wound. He was visiting relatives and was...
CBS New York 14h
Arizona Supreme Court re-imposes near-total abortion ban
Arizona now has a near-total abortion ban based on a law that dates back to the Civil War era, and it...
CBS New York 14h
Advocates call for universal after-school programs in NYC
Living in New York City comes with a hefty price tag, and not having a universal after-school program...
PIX11 News 15h
Jack Ciatterelli joins race for NJ governor
In front of a fired-up crowd, Jack Ciatterelli introduces himself to New Jersey once more.
PIX11 News 15h
DA calls for more resources for sexual assault survivors
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark is using the opportunity...
PIX11 News 15h
Woman violently attacked on steps of Queens church
A predator's attack on a parishioner at the top of a church staircase took a dramatic turn as she made...
PIX11 News 15h
Historic Brooklyn synagogue demolished; congregation looks ahead to rebuild
One of the oldest and largest Black Jewish congregations in the country is mourning the demolition of...
CBS New York 15h
Teen jumped into action to help boy shot in Brooklyn
An 18-year-old woman quickly jumped into action to help an 11-year-old boy after he was shot inside a...
PIX11 News 16h
NCAA women's basketball championship draws more viewers than men's championship
The numbers are in, and this year, it was the women who ruled the college basketball world. For the first...
CBS New York 17h
New Yorkers urged to check driver's license status
If you live in New York, you may want to check the status of your driver's license. It may be suspended...
CBS New York 17h
NYPD, ASPCA partnership rescues 5,000 abused animals
Animal cruelty has been on the rise in recent years. But here in New York, there has been a significant...
PIX11 News 17h
NYC program saves supplies for teachers, artists
A warehouse in Queens has been a treasure chest for teachers, artists and nonprofits in New York City...
PIX11 News 17h
Suspicious bag with grenade inside safely removed from street in Queens
Police say they found a grenade in a bag that was left under elevated train tracks in Queens on Tuesday.
CBS New York 17h
Curfew for children in Newark launches Friday
A curfew for kids in Newark will go into effect on Friday night. The city is launching what it calls...
CBS New York 17h
LES grandma needs a kitchen sink and repairs
A Lower East Side grandma loves to cook, but she said she can't while she waits for her kitchen sink...
PIX11 News 18h
Inside NYC's Midtown migrant welcome center
PIX11 News got an inside look at New York City's efforts to handle the migrant crisis at the Roosevelt...
PIX11 News 18h
NYC to see heavy rain after a summer tease
Tuesday felt more like summer as temperatures soared toward 80 degrees in Central Park. Unfortunately,...
PIX11 News 18h
FBI looking into free Turkish Airline upgrades Mayor Adams received
Mayor Eric Adams says he isn't worried about the investigation into airline upgrades he received when...
CBS New York 18h
Bronx Community College opens child care program for infants, toddlers
A program in the Bronx is helping solve the problem of finding safe and affordable childcare. CBS New...
CBS New York 18h
World War II veteran on Long Island celebrates 103rd birthday
A 103-year-old World War II veteran on Long Island is getting attention for his saxophone-playing stamina....
CBS New York 18h
Brush fires along New Jersey Turnpikes lead to traffic backups
There were traffic backups Tuesday after a number of brush fires along the New Jersey Turnpike. Dan Rice...
CBS New York 18h
NYC parents, teachers want more say in school decisions, according to new report
When it comes to making decisions impacting the nearly 1 million public school students in New York City,...
CBS New York 18h
NY airports had the most cancelled arrivals in 2023
One-fifth of all flights in the U.S. were delayed in 2023, according to federal data. The U.S. Department...
PIX11 News 19h
Grenade removed from outside Chase Bank in Queens: NYPD
A grenade was removed from outside a Chase Bank in Queens on Tuesday, according to the NYPD. Emergency...
PIX11 News 19h
NYC neighbors ask if city could've prevented fire death
Neighbors mourn the loss of a 38-year-old woman who perished in a fire in her home in the Bronx Tuesday,...
PIX11 News 19h
Connecticut man talks about his bout with rare Rocky Mountain spotted fever
The tickborne disease is usually seen in the Southeast and Southwest but with warmer weather, cases do...
CBS New York 19h
Museum of the City of New York installation offers close look at art preservation
A special installation at the Museum of the City of New York gives visitors a special behind-the-scenes...
CBS New York 19h
'Reuse, reduce, recycle': Brooklyn business finds success using old coffee grounds
A Brooklyn company is brewing up sustainable success with a unique product, upcycled coffee soap.  
PIX11 News 19h
Summit Academy Charter School
PIX11 Morning News & NY Living
PIX11 News 19h
NYPD unveils "Barnacle" pilot program, featuring device designed to end illegal parking
The yellow devices are slapped on windshields and then expand, blocking a driver's view. CBS New York's...
CBS New York 19h
First Alert Weather: Rain coming Wednesday, and it may stay a while
CBS New York's Tony Sadiku has your seven-day forecast.
CBS New York 19h
Organizations, businesses across NYC collecting eclipse glasses to donate
What should you do with your eclipse glasses now that the big event is over? There are places in New...
CBS New York 19h
Newburgh fire tears through 2 homes, displaces more than 20 people
More than 20 people were forced from their homes following a fire in Newburgh on Tuesday, and one of...
CBS New York 19h
Long Island pediatrician killed in accident while on way to view eclipse
A getaway to view Monday's eclipse turned tragic for a Long Island family. Dr. Monika Woroniecka was...
CBS New York 19h
New Jersey residents enjoy the weather: 'The beach is just beautiful'
One day after the sun dazzled with an eclipse, it came out and dazzled with a summer-like day. 
PIX11 News 20h
N.J. community says undersized sewer causing big problems in basements of homes
Heavy rainfall always puts residents who live in a quaint neighborhood in the Colonia section of Woodbridge...
CBS New York 20h
UConn fans basking in the glory of back-to-back NCAA tournament championships
The Huskies earned the sixth men's title in school history with a 75-60 win over Purdue on Monday night....
CBS New York 20h
Video shows men trying to rescue woman killed in Bronx fire
The FDNY was called just before 2 a.m. Tuesday about a fire burning on East 212th Street. CBS New York's...
CBS New York 20h
16-year-old boy in critical condition after shooting in Far Rockaway, Queens
A teenager was critically injured in a shooting in Queens on Tuesday.
CBS New York 20h
11-year-old shot in Brooklyn may have been part of group of kids playing with gun,...
It happened just after 11 p.m. on Monday inside of a NYCHA building on Howard Avenue in Crown Heights....
CBS New York 20h
Bomb squad removes grenade from outside Chase Bank in Queens: NYPD
A grenade was removed from outside a Chase Bank in Queens on Tuesday, according to the NYPD.
PIX11 News 21h
DDI on Long Island spreads autism choking awareness
Individuals with autism are 11 times more likely to die from choking or other respiratory problems, according...
PIX11 News 21h
NY doctor dies after falling out of moving trailer
A Long Island doctor who was headed to see the solar eclipse with her family fell out of a moving trailer...
PIX11 News 23h
An inside look at 'Johnson'
Actors Deji Laray, Thomas Q. Jones, and Earthquake join PIX11 to dish on the fourth season of the hit...
PIX11 News 23h
Preview: 'Arcadian'
Actors Jaeden Martell and Maxwell Jenkins join PIX11 to discuss their new film "Arcadian" and their experience...
PIX11 News 23h
Cooking up grits with Gocha Hawkins
Celebrity hairstylist, reality star, and restauranteur Gocha Hawkins joins New York Living to cook up...
PIX11 News 23h
Day on a dime: Lower East Side
PIX11's Alex Lee heads to the Lower East Side with influencer Katie Romero to find fun things to do that...
PIX11 News 23h
An inside look at '3 Body Problem'
Actress Marlo Kelly joins PIX11 to dish on the new hit series on Netflix "3 Body Problem."
PIX11 News 23h
The history behind some of the greatest songs
April 19 is known as International Songwriter's Day. Music historian and journalist Marc Myers joins...
PIX11 News 23h
Daily News columnist Harry Siegel on NYPD criticism
Daily News columnist Harry Siegel joins PIX11 to discuss a recent op-ed published criticizing the NYPD.
PIX11 News 23h

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