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Brooklyn and NY Video News Review at 2 p.m. EST Daily
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Delivery robot drives through crime scene
#shorts "What if there's a bomb?" one person is heard asking as a delivery robot was filmed moving...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 17m
New law demands private schools prove they teach the basics
New York State private and religious schools, like Yeshivas, will have to prove they meet the same educational...
PIX11 News 1h
First Alert Weather: Picture perfect
CBS2's Elise Finch has the latest weather forecast.
CBS New York 1h
Tributes pour in to British Consulate in honor of Queen Elizabeth II
As many mourn her majesty's death, they're also looking ahead to the rein of King Charles III. That includes...
CBS New York 1h
Inflation hitting consumers where it hurts
Wall Street continues to find its footing Wednesday after stocks tumbled to their worst day in two years...
CBS New York 1h
Bronx tenants left without shelter or answers after fire
Tenants tell CBS2's Natalie Duddridge they had to break down an emergency exit that was locked, and some...
CBS New York 1h
Queen Elizabeth II now lies in state
Her majesty's coffin is now at Westminster Hall following a somber procession from Buckingham Palace....
CBS New York 1h
Missing Cat Rings Doorbell to Return Home #shorts
A Long Island family's Ring camera captured their missing cat's return home. #kitten #cat #longisland...
NBC New York 1h
Queen Elizabeth II's coffin heads to Westminster Hall
Queen Elizabeth II's coffin left Buckingham Palace and is headed to Westminster Hall.
PIX11 News 1h
MadeGood snacks are a healthier option that kids will love as they head back to school
School is in full swing and with that comes making school lunches, shopping for snacks, and figuring...
PIX11 News 2h
Get a better night's sleep and save money! PeachSkinSheets is offering 20% off their...
Everyone loves a good night's sleep, and it all starts with your sheets. Our partners in Los Angeles,...
PIX11 News 2h
What the U.S. is aiming for at current UN general assembly session
Jeffrey Prescott, deputy to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, joined PIX11 Morning...
PIX11 News 3h
Cardi B surprises her former school
The music superstar from the Bronx visited her old middle school and offered some advice.
CBS New York 3h
Why a teacher has kept an empty chair in his classroom for 52 years
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 3h
'Little Amal' comes to NYC to bring message of solidarity for refugees
Little Amal, the 12-foot puppet symbolizing a 10-year-old Syrian girl, comes to New York City to bring...
PIX11 News 3h
Bill would restrict sale of e-bike batteries
Faulty lithium ion batteries have been blamed for fires across the city.
CBS New York 3h
Married actors on playing husband and wife on stage
Sebastian Arcelus and Stephanie J. Block play the baker and baker's wife in the Broadway show "Into the...
CBS New York 3h
What you could expect for gas prices heading into the winter
Gas prices seem to be trending in the right direction after surging a few months ago, and with summer...
PIX11 News 4h
Experts urge parents to check in with kids' mental health as they head back to school
CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis got tips from experts and sat down with a local parent.
CBS New York 5h
How proposed New York City taxi fare hikes could hit your wallet
New York City taxi fares could be headed for their first hikes in about a decade, as inflation may have...
PIX11 News 6h
NY, NJ weather forecast: Sunny and seasonable in the days ahead
High pressure will move into the New York and New Jersey region bringing beautiful weather the next several...
PIX11 News 6h
FDNY adds 37 names to WTC memorial
The members all died of 9/11 related illnesses after taking part in the rescue and recovery efforts.
CBS New York 6h
Inflation has cost of everything on the rise
Americans are now digging deeper into their wallets for everything from groceries to goods and services...
CBS New York 7h
Crowds pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth
People camped outside Buckingham Palace overnight for a chance to see the late monarch's coffin. CBS2's...
CBS New York 7h
Daniel Craig to appear at NJ film festival
The former James Bond actor will appear in a special conversation with Stephen Colbert.
CBS New York 7h
Study: Lack of sleep may lead to selfishness
If you wake up from a bad night sleep, do you ever stop and think: Am I less likely to help someone out...
CBS New York 7h
Aaron Judge chasing history
The excitement is building for Yankees fans as Judge chases a historic number of home runs. CBS2's John...
CBS New York 7h
First Alert Weather: Nice Wednesday
CBS2's Elise Finch has the latest weather forecast.
CBS New York 7h
NYC subway stabbing victim describes vicious encounter with rider
Jeffrey Nelson, 49, is now recovering from a subway ride in Brooklyn that turned dangerously violent...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 13h
First Alert Forecast: CBS2 9/13 Nightly Weather at 11PM
CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your First Alert Forecast for September 13 at 11 p.m.
CBS New York 13h
Queen Elizabeth II's coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace
Queen Elizabeth II's coffin was greeted by crowds at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night. Her coffin will...
CBS New York 14h
Sen. Lindsey Graham proposes nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks
In a move that stunned both parties, Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a bill that calls for a nationwide...
CBS New York 14h
Survey: Inflation rising faster than many Americans' salaries
Consumers are feeling the squeeze as inflation continues to take a bite out of most budgets. CBS2's Tim...
CBS New York 14h
Wake held for Port Authority police officer Anthony Varvaro
Mourners gathered Tuesday night to pay their respects to Anthony Varvaro, the Port Authority police officer...
CBS New York 14h
6 hurt, including 3 firefighters, in Bronx building fire
Multiple people were hurt Tuesday after a fire broke out at an apartment building in the Bronx.
CBS New York 14h
At least 60 men illegally denied beds at Manhattan intake facility
Advocates say at least 60 people, some of them migrants arriving in New York, were denied beds at a Manhattan...
CBS New York 14h
Heavy rain triggers more flooding in Queens
Queens residents are calling for better protections to be put in place after heavy rain flooded their...
PIX11 News 14h
Mourners gather at wake on Staten Island for Anthony Varvaro
A line wrapped around a funeral home on Staten Island Tuesday as hundreds of loved ones prepared to say...
PIX11 News 14h
Adams tells NYC agencies to cut budgets this year, next year
Mayor Adams directed all New York City agencies to cut their budgets nearly 8 percent by the end of the...
PIX11 News 15h
Casket of Queens Elizabeth II arrives in London
The casket of Queen Elizabeth II returned to Buckingham Palace Tuesday evening. PIX11's Katie Corrado...
PIX11 News 16h
The drowning on 3 kids in NYC puts a spotlight on maternal mental health
How can a mother harm or even kill her child? It is the question many are asking after a mother is suspected...
PIX11 News 16h
NYC forecast: week to end with cooler temps
Thursday and Friday this week will feature abundant sunshine. Northwesterly winds will keep temperatures...
PIX11 News 17h
Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC visits Washington Heights school, supports music programs...
A founding member of the legendary hip-hop group Run-DMC performed with kids in Washington Heights.
PIX11 News 18h
¿Buscas empleo? UPS ofrece más de 4,000 puestos de temporada en Nueva York | El Minuto...
UPS señaló el martes que espera contratar a más de 4,130 empleados de temporada en el área de Nueva York...
NBC New York 18h
Need Work? This Company Has 4,130 Jobs to Fill in NY | El Minuto (English)
Digital-first hiring means no interviews and a job offer for most roles in as little as 25 minutes.
NBC New York 18h
First Alert Forecast: CBS2 9/13 Evening Weather at 6PM
CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your First Alert Forecast for September 13 at 6 p.m.
CBS New York 18h
GUINEA PIG CRISIS! Shelters overwhelmed with pandemic pet purchases
Animal shelters in New York City are facing a guinea pig crisis as officials say many families bought...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 18h
Suspect fleeing police dies on tracks after trying to jump to subway
A robbery suspect died fleeing police after a subway rider was held up at gunpoint on a train in the...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 18h
Queen Elizabeth II's coffin arrives at Buckingham Palace
Nina Pineda and Shirleen Allicot have team coverage of Queen Elizabeth II, whose coffin arrived at Buckingham...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 18h
Exclusive: Long Island nursing home aide accused of patient abuse
Affinity Skilled Living and Rehabilitation Center in Oakdale, Long Island, is facing claims of abuse...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 18h
'Abbott Elementary' star from Long Island delivers riveting acceptance speech
Students at Uniondale High School on Long Island got a dose of inspiration after 'Abbott Elementary'...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 18h
Floods in Queens amplify calls for better prevention
Overnight and early morning rains on Tuesday left blocks of this neighborhood under water for the second...
PIX11 News 18h
Classes have too many students: officials, parents
While Mayor Eric Adams has criticized a new cap on students in New York City classrooms, others say it's...
PIX11 News 18h
Mugger electrocuted fleeing cops on Bronx subway train, police say
A fleeing mugger died Tuesday at a Bronx subway station when he fell between the train cars and was electrocuted...
PIX11 News 18h
Harlem high school teacher named New York State Teacher of the Year
William "Billy" Green, a high school chemistry teacher in Harlem, has been named the 2023 New York State...
CBS New York 18h
New Jersey legislators aim to cut down on glut of re-usable tote bags
There's an unintended consequence of the single-use plastic bag ban in New Jersey: a glut of re-usable...
CBS New York 18h
NYC Allegedly Admits More Shelter Violations, Fails to Provide 60 Beds to Migrants...
The Legal Aid Society says New York City officials admitted to more violations of right-to-shelter laws...
NBC New York 18h
Cardi B Surprises Kids at Old Bronx Middle School #shorts
Cardi B returned to I.S. 232 on Tuesday to give back to her old middle school in the Bronx.
NBC New York 18h
Paterson police chief fired by mayor, accused of sleeping during meetings
In a fiery press conference on Tuesday, Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh held little back as he outlined the...
PIX11 News 19h
Report on inmate deaths prompts calls to shut down Rikers Island
There are renewed calls to shut down Rikers Island following a troubling new report on inmate deaths.
CBS New York 19h
Remembering Queen Elizabeth II's 1991 visit to Washington, D.C.
Queen Elizabeth II visited the United States several times over the years, and one of the most memorable...
CBS New York 19h
NY private schools will have to comply with minimum academic standards
A long-awaited ruling from the New York Board of Regents will force the state's private schools to comply...
CBS New York 19h
Brooklyn artist Sharon Sprung on painting Michelle Obama's portrait
The artist behind the recently unveiled portrait of former first lady Michelle Obama is from Brooklyn,...
CBS New York 19h
Judith Giuliani talks marriage to Rudy Giuliani on "Inside Edition"
"Inside Edition" speaks with Judith Giuliani on Tuesday night.
CBS New York 19h
Food is the focus of a new exhibit at NYC museum
The dining room tables of city restaurants host many types of family dinners. The food scene is the subject...
PIX11 News 19h
NYC allocates $1 million to pay for abortions
New York City is doubling down on its status as a haven for those seeking an abortion— even amidst talk...
PIX11 News 19h
R. Kelly awaits jury's verdict in Chicago
Singer R. Kelly, already serving a 30-year prison sentence, is now awaiting a jury's verdict in his hometown...
CBS New York 19h
Falls Prevention Awareness Week shows Harlem seniors how to stay safe
Getting injured in a fall is a common problem among older people. With Falls Prevention Awareness Week...
CBS New York 19h
CDC issues warning for renewed wave of enterovirus
The CDC is warning doctors to be on the lookout for a renewed wave of enterovirus D68.
CBS New York 19h
A look at Queen Consort Camilla and her role in the new monarchy
As we remember Queen Elizabeth II, a new era for the monarchy begins. King Charles III is settling into...
CBS New York 19h
John Lennon's killer denied parole for 12th time
Parole is denied again for the man who killed music legend John Lennon.
CBS New York 20h
Paterson mayor moves to fire police chief amid rise in crime
The mayor of Paterson has moved to fire his police chief, accusing him of literally sleeping on the job...
CBS New York 20h
South River public schools require clear backpacks for all students
After so many mass shootings in schools, some districts are requiring students to use clear backpacks,...
CBS New York 20h
Sources: Mom believed to have drowned kids may have postpartum
The Coney Island community is trying to come to terms with deaths of three young children, possibly at...
CBS New York 20h
Flash flooding devastates Queens businesses
Heavy rain early Tuesday brought with it some intense flash flooding. Rego Park, Queens, was one of the...
CBS New York 20h
Americans in England paying respect to Queen Elizabeth II
Americans in England are embracing Queen Elizabeth II's legacy of love and respect. CBS2's Ali Bauman...
CBS New York 20h
Coffin carrying Queen Elizabeth II arrives in London
The coffin carrying Queen Elizabeth II's body made its journey to London on Tuesday after lying in rest...
CBS New York 20h
Benjamin Lopez sentenced to life in prison for 2017 murder
A Levittown man will spend the rest of his life in prison with no chance of parole for the murder of...
CBS New York 20h
Journaling for mental health
How to journal your way to better mental health
PIX11 News 20h
Dealing with a micromanager
How to handle a micromanager in the office
PIX11 News 20h
Adult acne
Adult acne impacts more women than men. A NYC dermatologist explains how to address the issue.
PIX11 News 20h
Stocks tumble as inflation remains high
Stocks tumbled all day Tuesday as inflation remains high. CBS2's Tony Aiello has details and reaction.
CBS New York 20h
New Yorkers ride motorized lawn chairs
#shorts 3 people were seen riding motorized lawn chairs on the Upper West Side on September 3....
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 21h
Riding his way to the top: Bull rider becomes world champion
Parker Hooks is from Lovington and recently won the Youth Bull Rider World Finals.
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 22h
Flooding impacts commuters, homeowners in parts of tri-state
Heavy rain and flooding damaged some homes and created treacherous conditions on roads across the tri-state...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 22h
Ryan Seacrest announces next Seacrest Studio location
The state-of-the-art broadcast studio will be at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee,...
Eyewitness News ABC7NY 22h
'Crazy Weather' Hits NYC as Flash Floods Strand Drivers, Swamp Basements | NBC New...
Cars and homes were flooded across New York City as overnight storms hit. Middle Village residents were...
NBC New York 23h
Where mindset meets movement
Certified trainer Nadia Murdock joined NY Living to talk about the connection between mindset and movement.
PIX11 News 1d

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