NYPD officer struck: Highway cop struck and killed on Long Island Expressway in Queens - WABC-TV posted at 14:30:11 UTC

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  1. NYPD officer struck: Highway cop struck and killed on Long Island Expressway in Queens  WABC-TV
  2. Intoxicated driver hits and kills veteran officer on Queens highway  PIX11 News
  3. SEE IT: Detective investigating NYC burglary attacked with stick  New York Daily News
  4. NYPD cop dies after being struck by drunk driver in Queens  New York Post
  5. NYPD detective whacked in head with stick in brazen broad-daylight attack  New York Post
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Two men indicted on a charge of using bear spray on three police officers outside the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 riot will ask a federal judge ...
Moscow court restricts Navalny's anti-corruption foundation  Lynchburg News and Advance

2644654 "Оппозиция в России" - Google News
Floyd verdict won't remove blocks to police accountability  Minneapolis Star Tribune
... leave by the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks wasn't met with a resounding endorsement from Democrats on Capitol Hill ...


  1. Deadline for Real ID for air travel pushed back due to Covid pandemic  NBC News
  2. DHS to Delay Deadline for REAL ID Compliance  nbcchicago.com
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  1. Home prices surge 12% in February, the biggest jump since 2006 — a $35,000 gain for median-priced homes  MarketWatch
  2. February home prices see the biggest gain in 15 years, S&P Case-Shiller says  CNBC
  3. US home prices rose 11.9% in February, fastest since 2014  WKOW
  4. U.S. Home Prices Continued to Climb in February  The Wall Street Journal
  5. Home Prices in U.S. Surge Most Since 2006 With Inventory Tight  Bloomberg
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  1. As Covid sweeps India, experts say cases and deaths are going unreported  CNN
  2. India “running out of vaccines” as Covid crisis deepens - BBC News  BBC News
  3. Covid-19 live updates: Situation in India ‘beyond heartbreaking,’ says WHO chief  Washington Post
  4. India is spiraling deeper into Covid-19 crisis. Here's what you need to know  CNN
  5. SOS messages, panic as virus breaks India's health system  Yahoo News
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  1. Biden seeks $80 billion to boost IRS enforcement  CNN
  2. 75% of stock owners won't be subject to Biden's proposed capital gains tax hike. Here's why  CNBC
  3. Biden to Set $1 Million Threshold for Capital Gains Tax Hike  Bloomberg Politics
  4. A dumb attack on Biden’s plan actually reveals the weakness of GOP arguments  The Washington Post
  5. Please Stow Your Outrage About a Capital Gains Tax Hike  Bloomberg
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  1. Covid-19 and Vaccine News: Live Updates  The New York Times
  2. Brazil health regulator rejects Russia's Sputnik vaccine  Yahoo News
  3. Sputnik V: Proven Vaccine, Political Ploy, or Both?  Bloomberg Quicktake
  4. Brazil Rejects Using Russia's Sputnik V Covid Vaccine  The New York Times
  5. India to receive first batch of Russia's COVID-19 vaccine on May 1 -RDIF  Yahoo News
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Goldman Reveals Its Favorite "Crypto-Exposed" Stocks
Goldman Reveals Its Favorite "Crypto-Exposed" Stocks

Wall Street's infatuation with cryptos is shifting from a sordid and steamy love affair to full-blown full regalia wedding ceremony on the Caymans, which is understandable in a world where there is no fundamental analysis involved in picking stonks and so one can just as well make the "selection" of risky asset into an enjoyable gamble and with countless cryptos still soaring triple digits any given day, the retail public is increasingly gravitating toward the digital currencies which come embedded with the promise of overnight riches.

It is therefore hardly a coincidence that after years of furiously bashing bitcoin (remember when Jamie Dimon warned his employees they would be fired if they bought bitcoin?) JPM finally admitted what we said all along - that its almost daily hitpieces had one intention only: to convince its own clients to sell tokens to its own prop desk...

JPMorgan's daily bitcoin hitpiece is out. Just how bad does JPM prop want to be long this?

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 25, 2021

... and on Monday, the largest US bank unveiled its own, actively managed bitcoin fund.

It is also hardly a coincidence that one day after JPM revealed its scheme, that Goldman's Ben Snider last night published a report looking at blockchain-exposed stocks, and pitching them to the bank's clients as all of Wall Street now "suddenly and inexplicably" turns from crypto permabear to uberbull.

In this trading reco, Snider screens for US stocks with blockchain and cryptocurrency exposure (the screen yields 19 stocks with market caps greater than $1 billion; and on average each stock has outperformed the S&P 500 by 34% YTD (+46% vs. +12%) alongside an 86% rise in the price of Bitcoin and a 156% rally in the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index). While these stocks lagged the market by 10% in the past two weeks as cryptocurrency prices dipped, they outperformed by 2% on Monday as cryptos reversed from their weekend slam.

First, Goldman shows the Venn diagram below to illustrate how it picked its universe of crypto-linked stocks:

  • Text search - Any relevant finding warrants 1 point; 10 or more findings warrant 3 points; explicit mention in Bloomberg or FactSet company description warrants 3 points
  • Betas to Bitcoin- A beta ranking in the top 25% of stocks warrants 1 point; a beta ranking in the top 10% of stocks warrants 3 points
  • Index and ETF membership - Membership in any index warrants 1 point; membership in two or more indices warrants 3 points

In its crypto screen, the bank includes any stocks in the universe with six or more points (amusingly, JPMorgan somehow has ended up here). Effectively, this means that each constituent must screen as highly exposed in at least two of the three approaches.

This approach results in a screen of 19 US stocks with market caps over $1 billion and high exposure to blockchain technology and/or cryptocurrency. Finally, the pitch itself:

"On average,these stocks have dramatically outperformed the S&P 500 during the last several months alongside the surge in the price of Bitcoin. An equal-weighted portfolio of the stocks has demonstrated roughly 60% correlations with Bitcoin and the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index during the last several months, compared with 20% correlations for the S&P 500. Eleven of the 19 constituents are in the Software & Services  industry group and four are in Financials."

Translation: for those PMs and fund managers who are sick of generating S&P-level returns and want to track the best performing asset of the year...

... buy a basket of these 19 stocks and chill.

Finally, here is the full list:

Tyler Durden Tue, 04/27/2021 - 10:30
Far-right independent lawmaker Ümit Özdağ has threatened HDP deputy Garo Paylan with another genocide. “You’ll go through a Talaat Pasha…

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The FBI investigates as a group says it has accessed Washington DC police computers, US media report.

23210 BBC News – World

Ready, reset, go: US President Joe Biden has little time to spare tackling an array of pressing issues at home and abroad. One of his most urgent tasks has been to rebuild trust in the trans-Atlantic relationship.

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NYPD Officer Killed On Long Island Expressway
posted at 11:18:43 UTC by CBS New York via CBS New York

An NYPD officer was struck and killed overnight while directing traffic on the Long Island Expressway. CBS2’s John Dias has the details.

Far-right independent lawmaker Ümit Özdağ has threatened HDP deputy Garo Paylan with another genocide. “You’ll go through a Talaat Pasha…

Paul Goble

            Staunton, April 24 – Russia may be extending its control over the Black Sea at the very moment Moscow is being praised for pulling back its land forces from the Ukrainian border given that the Russian defense ministry has just confirmed that it has closed additional portions of the Black Sea.

            That decision, announced without much fanfare, appears in the most recent bulletin of the Administration for Navigation and Oceanography of the Russian Ministry of Defense (topwar.ru/182345-rossija-podtverdila-zakrytie-chasti-akvatorii-chernogo-morja-dlja-opredelennyh-sudov-i-korablej.html).

            According to its provisions, because of plans for exercises, Russia is closing three districts in the Black Sea from today through the end of October. Moscow had already made a similar declaration closing off the Sea of Azov to outside shipping, in clear violation of international law (windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com/2021/04/russia-violating-international-law-by.html).

            The Russian move in the Black Sea is even more in violation of international law because there are disputes over the status of the Sea of Azov, which Moscow argues is an internal body of water. But extending such claims to portions of the Black Sea is even more in violation of Law of the Sea and other international rules.

            Moreover, unless and until Moscow rescinds this announcement and pulls back its ships from any effort to enforce its provisions, there is a risk that the Russian military will retain the capacity to attack Ukraine from the sea even if it has pulled back from the Ukrainian border on land.

            At the very least, Russia’s publication of this announcement shows that the supposed end of a Russian threat to Ukraine has ended at least for the time being should be treated with extreme skepticism as indeed some experts have suggested. (See topwar.ru/182368-dymovaja-zavesa-v-shvecii-ne-poverili-v-otvod-rossijskoj-armii-ot-ukrainskih-granic.html.)

            That is because Moscow has moved ships with landing craft capabilities from its Caspian Flotilla into the region, vessels that could be used against Ukraine from the sea

(jamestown.org/program/moscow-moving-15-warships-from-caspian-sea-to-waters-off-ukraine/and windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com/2021/04/moscows-use-of-caspian-flotilla-against.html).


2644322 Window on Eurasia — New Series

Christensen was one of the 10 assaults featured in FBI videos seeking information about the Capitol riot. … The investigation remains ongoing.
Об этом сообщил заместитель Министра обороны Российской Федерации генерал-полковник Александр Фомин.


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Window on Eurasia — New Series: Russian Libraries Facing Popular Resistance to Digitalization, New Study Reports
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Paul Goble

The post Cyber-attack hackers threaten to share US police informant data – 8:21 AM 4/27/2021 first appeared on Covid - 19 News Review.

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NWS: SE Wyoming Mountains Could Get 14 Inches Of Snow  Kgab

2643693 “latino” – Google News


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Отмечается, что система контроля над вооружениями в настоящий момент находится в кризисе.

The post Москва предложила Вашингтону начать диалог по стратегической стабильности first appeared on The Brooklyn Radio.

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Отмечается, что система контроля над вооружениями в настоящий момент находится в кризисе.

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The post Russia-Poland relations at lowest since WWII, ambassador says – TASS first appeared on Russia News Review.

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