7:41 AM 1/20/2021 - Brooklyn News Review | WATCH LIVE: The Inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris | Песков: Путин остается сторонником развития отношений РФ и США

7:41 AM 1/20/2021 - Brooklyn News Review | Песков: Путин остается сторонником развития отношений РФ и США

Песков: Путин остается сторонником развития отношений РФ и США

По словам пресс-секретаря, этот настрой Путина, к сожалению, на протяжении последних лет не встречает взаимности за океаном.
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Всех участников операции представят к госнаградам.
По словам пресс-секретаря, этот настрой Путина, к сожалению, на протяжении последних лет не встречает взаимности за океаном.

Joe Biden takes the oath of office to become the 46th President of the United States, and Kamala Harris takes the oath to become the first Black and first female Vice President ever.



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NPR News: 01-20-2021 7AM ET

Donald Trump will walk out of the White House and board Marine One for the last time as president Wednesday morning. Overnight Wednesday, Trump issued clemency for 143 individuals in one of the final acts of his presidency, hours before Joe Biden's inauguration.

Early Wednesday snow flurries before blustery day

A storm system will pass to the north of the area and move offshore into the Atlantic Wednesday. We can expect partly sunny skies this afternoon with scattered flurries and snow showers early and then later in the day. The high temperature will be 40 in the city, upper 30s in the suburbs. A gusty northwest wind will make it feel like the low to mid 30s throughout the day.

Two men from New York were charged by federal officials on Monday for their alleged involvement in the deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol earlier this month. NBC New York’s Greg Cergol and Erica Byfield report.

NPR News: 01-20-2021 6AM ET

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A U.S. soldier is facing charges after allegedly helping ISIS plan attacks on landmarks including the 9/11 Museum in Lower Manhattan. NBC New York’s Jonathan Dienst reports.

President-elect Joe Biden is hours away from becoming President Joe Biden. Andrew Siff and Sarah Wallace report.

Eschewing a traditional prime-time address to say goodbye to the nation, President Donald Trump released a 20-minute prerecorded message to the nation on the eve of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Fears of vaccine shortages continue

Experts have said the federal government's failure to set up a national vaccination program is a contributor.

MTA postpones fare hikes

The MTA announced fare prices on subways and buses will stay the same... for now.

LI moms' lotto pool goes virtual

Two lottery jackpots are sky high. These moms are banding together like they've always done to try to win their share.


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