11:59 AM 1/25/2021 - French Pasteur Institute abandon Covid-19 vaccine development after phase 1 trials fail

11:59 AM 1/25/2021 - French Pasteur Institute abandon Covid-19 vaccine development after phase 1 trials fail

French Pasteur Institute abandon Covid-19 vaccine development after phase 1 trials fail

France’s Pasteur Institute announced on Monday that it is ending the development of its Covid-19 vaccine after trial results proved disappointing. It appears that the vaccine failed to prove its efficacy in phase 1 trials. “The phase 1 of their trial that started in August. Although the vaccine was well tolerated by people, it seems like it didn’t spark sufficient immune system response”, FRANCE 24’s Julia Sieger reports.

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin denied that he owns a palace in the Black Sea coast, which has been referred to as the “most secret and guarded facility in Russia”. This comes after a video exposé seen by 70 million people across the globe so far, released by the country’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny, where he argues it belongs to Vladimir Putin. “It is not surprising that he denied the allegations, but that he addressed it altogether”, FRANCE 24’s Moscow correspondent Theo Merz reports.

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Trump supporters' campaign of intimidation - BBC

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“Death threats happened. My wife actually got the first ones.”

Following the US election, Trump’s supporters carried out a campaign of intimidation. Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, proved a tough target.

The Trump Show: Downfall on BBC iPlayer now.

A gripping final instalment of the acclaimed BBC series The Trump Show. This film charts Donald Trump’s last months as president as he attempts to win, and subsequently overturn, the results of the 2020 election – culminating in scenes of violent ‘insurrection’ against the US Congress.

Friends, advisers and close observers tell the story of Trump’s last days, from packed rallies - held as coronavirus besieges America - to riots on Capitol Hill. The film provides a blow-by-blow account of the final weeks of his administration - and a gripping psychological study of the controversial leader’s final days in power.

The Trump Show | Series 1 Episode 4 | BBC

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Putin says palace in Navalny report 'doesn't belong to me' | AFP

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismisses claims by opposition leader Alexei Navalny that he owns a lavish property on the Black Sea, as the opposition urges fresh nationwide demonstrations.

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"Many countries have failed to recognise the need to get an entire systems approach to this," said Professor Martin McKee. "It's not just a matter of buying the vaccine, getting it into the country."

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Expanded List of Vaccine-Eligible Groups

After weeks of pressuring the Cuomo Administration, they finally agreed to expand the pool of eligible vaccine recipients. Please view the list below to determine if you are eligible. Details on how to make an appointment to receive a vaccine are below. 


Older Adults

  • People ages 75 and older

Grocery Workers

  • Public-facing grocery store workers

First Responders and Support Staff for First Responder Agencies

  • Fire Service
    • State Fire Service, including firefighters and investigators (professional and volunteer)
    • Local Fire Services, including firefighters and investigators (professional and volunteer)
  • Police and Investigations
    • State Police, including Troopers
    • State Park Police, DEC Police, Forest Rangers
    • SUNY Police
    • Sheriffs’ Offices
    • County Police Departments and Police Districts
    • City, Town and Village Police Departments
    • Transit of other Public Authority Police Departments
    • State Field Investigations, including Department of Motor Vehicles, State Commission of Correction, Justice Center, Department of Financial Services, Inspector General, Department of Tax and Finance, Office of Children and Family Services and State Liquor Authority
  • Public Safety Communications
    • Emergency Communication and Public Safety Answering Point Personnel, including dispatchers and technicians
  • Other Sworn and Civilian Personnel
    • Court Officers
    • Other Police or Peace Officers
    • Support of Civilian Staff for any of the above services, agencies or facilities


  • State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Personnel, including correction and parole officers
  • Local Correctional Facilities, including correction officers
  • Local Probation Departments, including probation officers
  • State Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Local Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Facilities

P-12 Schools, College and Child Care

  • P-12 school or school district faculty or staff (includes all teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, school administrators, paraprofessional staff and support staff including bus drivers)
  • Contractors working in a P-12 school or school district (including contracted bus drivers)
  • In-person college instructors
  • Licensed, registered, approved or legally exempt group child care
  • Licensed, registered, approved or legally exempt group child care providers
  • Employees or support staff of licensed or registered child care setting
  • Licensed, registered, approved or legally exempt child care providers

Public Transit

  • Airline and airport employees
  • Passenger railroad employees
  • Subway and mass transit employees (MTA, LIRR, Metro North, NYC Transit, Upstate Transit)
  • Ferry employees
  • Port Authority employees
  • Public bus employees

Homeless Shelters

  • People living in a homeless shelter where sleeping, bathing or eating accommodations must be shared with people who are not part of their household
  • People working (paid or unpaid) in a homeless shelter where sleeping, bathing or eating accommodations must be shared by people who are not part of the same household, in a position where there is potential for interaction with shelter residents


Health Care Workers

  • High-risk hospital workers (emergency room workers, ICU staff and Pulmonary Department staff)
  • Federally Qualified Health Center employees
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers
  • Coroners, medical examiners and certain funeral workers
  • Urgent Care providers
  • People administering COVID-19 vaccines, including local health department staff
  • All Outpatient/Ambulatory frontline, high-risk health care workers of any age who provide direct in-person patient care
  • All staff who are in direct contact with patients (such as reception staff)
  • All frontline, high-risk public health workers who have direct contact with patients, including those conducting COVID-19 tests, handling COVID-19 specimens and COVID-19 vaccinations

 This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Doctors who work in private medical practices and their staff
  • Doctors who work in hospital-affiliated medical practices and their staff
  • Doctors who work in public health clinics and their staff
  • Registered Nurses
  • Specialty medical practices of all types
  • Dentists and Orthodontists and their staff
  • Psychiatrists and Psychologists and their staff
  • Physical Therapists and their staff
  • Optometrists and their staff
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Aides
  • Home care workers
  • Hospice workers

Residents and Staff in Certain Group Living Facilities

  • Nursing homes and other congregate care facilities
  • NYS Office of Mental Health, Office People with Developmental Disabilities, and Office of Addiction Services and Supports facilities

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NY Dept of Transportation Failed To Receive $29 Million in Federal Funds

On January 19, 2021, the Federal Transit Administration published Federal Notice of Available Funding for Federal Fiscal Year 2021.

The accompanying tables by funding programs make for very interesting reading.  Former NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, Governor Cuomo, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, members of the NY Congressional delegation, Mayor Bill de Blasio and other elected officials constantly complain that Washington shortchanges the MTA.  Yet none of them has ever said a word about the following.
Why has NYCDOT under the past leadership of Commissioner Polly Trottenberg been unsuccessful in applying for the following four old Federal Transit Administration discretionary funded project allocations that are worth a total of $29,483,183 dollars?

FY 2018
Table 14 Prior Year Unobligated Section 5307 Passenger Ferry Grant ProgramNYD2018-PFGP-012- NYCDOT ferry/vessel gangways replacement/upgrade ferry boat/environmental compliance upgrade – $6,302,200
FY 2020NYD2020-PFGP-011 NYCDOT Staten Island Ferry St. George Terminal Roof Replacement – $4,180,982
Table 15 Prior Year Unobligated 5739(b) Buses and Bus Facilities Competitive Allocations.

FY 2019
NYD2019-BUS C-065 NYCDOT Safe Routes to Transit project to make infrastructure, pedestrian safety and accessibility improvements for transit riders along 86th Street in Brooklyn – $9,000,000.

FY 2020
NY2020-Bus C-163 NYCDOT South Bronx BZ 6 Select Bus Service – $10,000,000. NYCDOT should have previously submitted  grant applications for these funds.

Why has NYCDOT been unsuccessful in having these funds obligated under approved grants?  Has NYCDOT entered formal grants in FTA’s Transit Award Management System (known as “TrAMS”) used to award and manage federal grants. If so, have they failed to answer all of FTA’s concerns and issues as part of any ongoing grant review? If so, have they failed to answer all of FTA’s concerns and issues as part of any ongoing grant review? These funds will eventually lapse and be lost. 

NYCDOT is in intense competition against transit agencies from other cities and states around the nation.  It hurts NYC, the MTA and Metro NY area, when NYCDOT leaves these discretionary dollars on the table year after year.  Our Congressional delegation loses credibility when lobbying for more transit dollars. 

There is no incentive for Washington to approve additional discretionary transit dollars. As each year goes by, the project cost also tends to increase.  The dollar value of the earmark does not.  In the end, taxpayers, commuters and NYCDOT Staten Island Ferry employees are the losers.  With a multi billion dollar shortfall in the NYC municipal budget, every dollar counts. When will NYCDOT make this a priority and secure these four FTA earmarks?

The post NY Dept of Transportation Failed To Receive $29 Million in Federal Funds appeared first on Shorefront News.

Senator Andrew Gounardes, together with the Senate Majority, advanced legislation to support small businesses that have taken the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This action builds on legislation passed in July 2020 to help hardworking New Yorkers and struggling small businesses. The legislative package advanced by the Senate Majority includes protecting small businesses from eviction and foreclosure with the COVID-19 Emergency Protect Our Small Business Act, protecting restaurants from third-party delivery fees, implementing third-party restaurant posting requirements, promoting the shared work eligibility program, freezing unemployment insurance rates, and establishing a partial-unemployment system.

“Small businesses are the engine of our economy and what make our neighborhoods great places to live,” said Senator Andrew Gounardes. “Without them, Brooklyn wouldn’t be Brooklyn and New York wouldn’t be New York. Throughout the devastation of the COVID crisis, I have worked hard to reach out to businesses in my community and advocate for their needs. Today, we are passing legislation that will help them keep their doors open until we can turn our attention to the recovery. And yet, there is so much more we can and must do to help our small businesses succeed at the federal, state and local level. I urge everyone to put their money where their heart is and support local businesses through this difficult time as we take steps today to protect and support local businesses here in New York.”

The post NY Senate Democrats Help Small Business Build Back From COVID-19 appeared first on Shorefront News.

New Homeless Shelter In Bath Beach

Following news that New York City plans to build a homeless shelter in the Sheepshead Bay/Brighton Beach area, there’s now news that the Bill de Blasio administration intends to create a homeless facility in Bath Beach. The new shelter located at 2147 Bath Avenue will house 150 single males.

“I have learned that there was no proposal presented to Community Board 11 and there has been no transparency in informing the local communities that the city is planning to build a homeless shelter at 2147 Bath Avenue. The local community was not surveyed. No public hearing was conducted to hear community concerns regarding this project,” Assemblyman Bill Colton stated.

“I am pleased that upon receiving notice of the city’s intention, Community Board 11 has requested that the city make a presentation about the specifics of this proposal. All we know so far is that the city intends to build a homeless shelter for 150 single men. This is in addition to another proposed shelter for 170 single men that the city is planning to build in the Brighton Beach area at 100 Neptune Avenue. If this shelter follows the rules, which the city imposes on its other shelters, the occupants will not be permitted to remain inside during the day but must return in the evening after being out all day. As such it does not provide a permanent solution to solving the problem of homelessness and is not even open to the many homeless families,” Colton continued.

“My additional concern is that there is an East Academy of Science & Technology High School is 0.3 miles and I.S. 281 Joseph B Cavallaro middle school which is 0.5 miles from the location. I believe that this project will create serious safety and quality of life issues for the neighborhood without solving the basic homeless issue. Therefore, I demand that a public hearing must be scheduled here in our community before the city will proceed with their project, and I demand that the city must seriously listen to the concerns of the community,” Colton added.

The post New Homeless Shelter In Bath Beach appeared first on Shorefront News.

Fare increases for the MTA NYC transit bus, subway and Staten Island Railway, along with Long Island Rail Road and Metro North Rail Road were already assumed in 2019 as part of the approval process for the $51 billion 2020 – 2024 Five Year Capital Plan.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and members of the State Legislature and NYC Council were all in on this financial arrangement before signing on board.  This included 4% increase in 2021 and 2023. How will the MTA make up for this lost revenue?.  

Receipt of the two previous CARE Covid-19 bailouts adding up to $8 billion and potential third bailout from Washington under a future Federal Transit Administration grant were not meant to pay for cancellation or reduction of any transit agencies previously planned fare increases. They are suppose to cover unforeseen operating and capital costs as a result of COVID-19. Did the MTA ever ask FTA for permission to use these funds to offset previously scheduled fare increased whose purpose was to help pay for the $51 billion Five Year Capital Plan?

Within the 1953 master agreement between NYC and NYC Transit are escape clauses. NYC has the legal right to take back control of its assets at any time. This includes the subway and bus system.  In 1953, the old NYC Board of Transportation passed on control of the municipal subway system, including all its assets under a master lease and operating agreement to the newly created NYC Transit Authority. NYC owns the NYC Transit subway and bus system.  MTA is the management company hired to run it. 

Why has the MTA not asked City Hall, their boss along with Washington for additional funding to avoid  threatened reduction to bus and subway service?  Ditto for Albany to avoid the previously threatened cut to Long Island Rail Road and Metro North Rail Road service?   

Albany provides the MTA significant annual funding under the Statewide Transportation Operating Assistance (STOA) program.  Why hasn’t the MTA asked Governor Cuomo, State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Steward Cousins, State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to increase their contribution?  Washington via Federal Transit Administration grants, riders via farebox and motorists via tolls continue to pay their fair share. Uncle Sam did even more by providing $3.9 billion under the first CARE COVID-19 aid package and a second $4 billion relief  bill.  In 2020, the Federal Transit Administration provided the MTA with annual $1.4 billion in formula funding under various grant programs.  In 2021, this should increase to $1.5 billion.

When will Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to pay their respective fair shares as well. Just like millions of New Yorkers, they can choose to decide what future budget priorities should be.

What has the MTA accomplished and planned for 2021 to reduce financial loses due to fare evasion?

In 2019, the MTA estimated it lost over $300 million to fare evasion. The MTA Office of Inspector General issued a report last September that “NYC Transit’s past practices for tracking how many bus and subway riders failed to pay their fare were unreliable and contained sampling shortcomings.”
In our COVID-19 world, ridership is significantly less. Does this translate into a significant decrease in fare evasion as fare collection resumed? It will be interesting to see the MTA’s statistics for fare evasion during 2020.

When the MTA is successful in One Metro New York (OMNY) replacing the old Metro Card coming on line in 2021, will the MTA become more efficient in reducing fare evasion over coming years? According to the MTA’s own McKinsey consultants report, if all goes well, perhaps 80% of the pre-COVID-19 ridership will return some time in 2024.

Whatever happens over coming months and years, every dollar counts. The MTA including NYC Transit, Long Island and Metro North Rail Roads need to do a far better job in dealing with fare evasion.

It is unfair to honest commuters who pay their fair share every day if they have to continue to see so many who routinely go unpunished for not paying their fare as well.

The post Op-Ed: MTA Postponing Fare Increases is Penny Wise and Pound Foolish appeared first on Shorefront News.

MTA Workers Receive COVID Vaccine

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations for its heroic workforce began at the state-operated Jacob K. Javits Center today. More than 126 employees received vaccinations on the first day, with plans to vaccinate thousands more in the coming weeks. Visit the MTA’s Flickr gallery to see photos from the Javits Center today. 

“This vaccine is our best shot at ending this pandemic once and for all,” said Patrick Warren, MTA Chief Safety & Security Officer. “Health experts assure that the vaccine is safe and effective. I am grateful that our workforce, who showed up for work day in and day out at the height of the pandemic, is being prioritized in the vaccine rollout and this time showing up to get their shot. We applaud Governor Cuomo and the New York State Department of Health for their leadership, and look forward to working together to vaccinate the frontline heroes of this pandemic.” 

MTA employees are included in priority group 1b of the vaccine’s eligibility. The Javits Center is one of three state-run vaccination sites that began opening across the state today in an effort to expedite the vaccination rate, including the Westchester County Center and New York State Fair Expo Center. The Authority plans to roll out an MTA vaccination program in the coming weeks to vaccinate as many members of its workforce as quickly as possible. 

The vaccination program being planned is yet another example of the MTA’s commitment to undertaking important and pioneering initiatives to protect its workforce.   

From the onset of the pandemic the Authority has been at the forefront of protective efforts for employees, with nation and industry-leading efforts including free and convenient screenings at work sites throughout the service region, free access to COVID-19 testing at partnering health care facilities, the deployment of a first-in-the-nation temperature brigade, the installation of plexiglass and vinyl barriers on buses and in select work locations, testing of cutting-edge technologies to clean and disinfect, as well as providing free and convenient flu shots to thousands of workers to date. 

The MTA has distributed more than 13 million masks, more than 16 million pairs of gloves, 98,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, close to 11 million individual sanitizing wipes, 235,000 gallons of cleaning solution and more than 16,000 face shields to its workforce since the beginning of the pandemic. 

The post MTA Workers Receive COVID Vaccine appeared first on Shorefront News.

Biden's Russia challenge  Axios
Why The New York Times Was Wrong To Fire Lauren Wolfe  The Federalist
Think Americans Would Never Wager on Russian Ping-Pong? Care to Bet?  The New York Times
Mexico expects arrival of Russia's Sputnik vaccine shortly: official  Yahoo News
Russian Pleads Guilty to Running Cybercrime Forum  GovInfoSecurity.com
Ожидается, что они обговорят весь комплекс проблем и перспектив отношений между Россией и Евросоюзом.
Covid-19: Mexican President López Obrador tests positive  BBC News
Bolstering democracies in a changing international order: The case for democratic multilateralism  Brookings Institution
What to do – and what not to do – in the Middle East  Brookings Institution

Kyriakides calls on Astra Zeneca to respect delivery schedules for its vaccine  EU Reporter


Leaked comments indicate the prime minister is readying for battle over Biden's insistence on rejoining the nuclear pact, even as Washington says it will hear Israeli concerns
@KreaseChan @TheGrayzoneNews Very kind of you to offer your Executive Producer services for free, but I'm going to kindly decline your editorial guidance.

I'm 100% against sanctions that hurt Syrian civilians and deny them food, aid, and medical parts. Only a sadist can "debate" that.
Democrats' PR department has obviously failed to grasp that the ice cream talk during a deadly pandemic hasn't landed so well. https://t.co/la9JqP8PwA


Last week I asked you for your questions and you delivered. Answered a bunch here - and looking forward to doing this again soon. SPOILER: Revealing @POTUS' favorite ice cream 🍦 https://t.co/DtAXZZGFdR
@KreaseChan @TheGrayzoneNews Ah, you're just concerned for "her cause" -- as evidenced by your brave position that murderous sanctions are up for "debate." I think her interview with me was very productive: people should know about these murderous sanctions, not submit to McCarthyite silencing tactics.

The Blinkin family was first entered in a genealogy records book in the Ukrainian town of Pereyaslav in 1874, with Yankel and Rys who had 4 sons and 2 daughters; their youngest son Meyer later emigrated to America

По словам бизнесмена, в мире нет предпринимателя, который мог не согласиться на помощь советника в лице Владимира Путина.


2362519 Аргументы и Факты
На главной странице сайта парка появилась кнопка «Тур 360», с помощью которой можно совершить виртуальный тур по объектам ВППКиО ВС РФ «Патриот».


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Врач и телеведущий Александр Мясников оправдал действия бойца ОМОН, который пнул женщину в живот во время несанкционированной акции в Санкт-Петербурге. По мнению доктора, россиянка, которую ударил боец ОМОН, была для него в этот момент не женщиной, а объектом, который препятствует выполнению его задачи.


1557006 Lenta.ru : Новости

6776987 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites)
Речь идёт о действиях американских интернет-платформ.


2362519 Аргументы и Факты
Россия, как подчеркнула пресс-секретарь МИД РФ, рассматривает публикации посольства США в социальных сетях как прямое вмешательство во внутренние дела РФ. Посольство США в Москве 22 января опубликовало карты незаконных шествий.

227417 Яндекс.Новости: Главное
В 2020 году на фоне падения спроса на каско падала и средняя стоимость полиса. Основной тренд в условиях пандемии - повышенный спрос на электронные полисы. Средняя стоимость каско, купленного онлайн, составила 32 493 рубля

396889 Российская Газета

6776987 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites)

1557006 Lenta.ru : Новости

6776987 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites)

123596 Новая Газета
Московские суды вынесли 30 решений об административных арестах на срок от 7 до 15 суток в отношении участников акций протеста 23 января. Еще 64 человека получили штрафы до 250 тысяч рублей.

2643421 Deutsche Welle: DW.COM News Russia
Принятие законопроекта, который отменяет банковские комиссии при оплате коммунальных услуг, предлагается перенести. Эксперты отмечают, что сначала стоит дождаться результатов пилотного проекта по применению Системы быстрых платежей в ЖКХ

396889 Российская Газета

6776987 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites)
Ученые Ратгерского университета в США раскрыли, что масштабное применение ядерного оружия в ходе войны приведет к беспрецедентному изменению климата в экваториальной части Тихого океана, похожее на Эль-Ниньо, что уменьшит популяцию водорослей на 40 процентов и cократит улов рыбы.


1557006 Lenta.ru : Новости

6776987 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites)
Прокуратура Химок сочла, что проведение заседание о продлении срока задержания политика Алексея Навального в городском УМВД "не...


1047142 Каспаров.Ru
Еще 64 протестующих должны будут заплатить штраф.


2362519 Аргументы и Факты
На выставке будет представлен ряд экспонатов, связанных с жизнью Вениамина Каверина на Крайнем Севере и уникальный экземпляр романа, подаренный автором легендарному подводнику – Герою Советского Союза Александру Маринеско.


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