Brooklyn ZIP Code Rises To Highest Coronavirus Rate In NYC: Data - 5:59 AM 12/21/2020 | Audio


Brooklyn ZIP Code Rises To Highest Coronavirus Rate In NYC: Data - 5:59 AM 12/21/2020

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    S.Korea's capital Seoul to ban gatherings of five people or more -mayor 

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    Pres. Trump has planned on moving into what he’s dubbed the “Winter White House” after he leaves office, but a letter submitted to the Palm Beach mayor reminds Pres. Trump of a 1993 agreement he signed that prevents anyone from living on the property. 

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    Heathrow chaos after more than a dozen countries ban ALL flights from Britain 

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    Six injured as FDNY engine crashes into building en route to NYC fire 

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    Germany's confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 16,643 - RKI 

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    Krebs: US should be "cautious" about escalating cyber war with Russia 

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